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Payment posting is a crucial part of the Medical billing. It does show the real picture of the clinic’s revenue and the quality of the billing services.

Insurance payment posting.Payment posting service consists of posting primary insurance payments, adjustments and transfer co-insurance to secondary insurance (if available) or patient.

Self-pay postingSelf-pay posting service consists of posting payments made by patients to the healthcare provider.

Denial posting.Claims needing resubmission that are claims denied by insurance are checked for all necessary documents like Medical records, Referral, Authorization etc. and resubmitted.

Quality process.Our quality assurance team reviews cash posting transactions. Checks are done to validate the fields such as check number, co-insurance transfer, and adjustment. Denial and re-submission of claims posting service are very important as it involves a specific time period within which claim has to be re-submitted. Our quality team assures that all denial and re-submission of claims posting is done within time and without missing any record including all supporting documents and information.

Reports.The reports regarding transaction volume (Number of line items received and submitted by us) are provided to clients as part of the service. These reports are generated in Daily, Weekly, Monthly based on the customer's preference