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Collect And Understand Requirement

    ✓ jiyaanhealthcare will communicate via conference call and will gather and understand the project information.

    ✓ We take time to understand your processes, market positioning, and competition. Based on these details we will provide you the most effective solution to your project.

    ✓ The project team determines the end-user requirements and create a detailed Proposal document along with all the details of the work to be undertaken.

    ✓ Client will review and provide any feedback regarding the proposal document.

    ✓ In this process, iFlair and Client will have a clear picture of the different modules involved in the project and thus everyone is on the same track.

UI/UX Design

    ✓ jiyaanhealthcare will assign a Project Manager who will be responsible to develop the project based on the Proposal document.

    ✓ Project Manager will be in constant touch with the Client and will send regular updates of the project.

    ✓ Our qualified UI/UX Designer will prepare clickable interactive wireframe of Front End and Admin Panel so the Client can get an idea of the overall working of the system.

    ✓ By going through this process means you know exactly how the application will work before we write a line of code.

    ✓ If there are any changes in the flow of the project, it can be immediately modified.

Creative Design

    ✓ jiyaanhealthcare talented designers will creatively and innovatively design based on wireframe Design.

    ✓ This will integrate the complete “look and feel” to give you a finished prototype that is entirely interactive.

    ✓ We will create an outstanding looking website which will increase the brand value of your company. We will create a website with a responsive design. So website pages will be visible on Web, Tablet, and Mobile and also in Landscape and Portrait view.

Database Design

    ✓ jiyaanhealthcare database developers will create database structure based on the project requirement.

    ✓ Database design is an important part of project development as it stores all the data in the database and retrieves it during project execution.


    ✓ Once all the design is created and approved by Client our knowledgeable and experienced IT Experts will start the programming phase.

    ✓ We will regularly upload the website on our servers, so client will see the actual demo of their website and can play with the website.

    ✓ While going through the website if there are any changes Client can suggest us, so we will make changes and further work accordingly.

    ✓ Client will review and provide any feedback regarding the proposal document.

    ✓ In this process, iFlair and Client will have a clear picture of the different modules involved in the project and thus everyone is on the same track.

Regular Updates

    ✓ Our Project Managers will regularly send updates to the Client.

    ✓ Project Managers will be in constant touch with the Client through chat, voice chat, email or phone will be easily reachable.

    ✓ Client can view the updates of the project on our demo server. They can give their feedback regarding the work and we will incorporate it to the website.


    ✓ Project Managers will send weekly and monthly reports to the Client of the work done till date.

    ✓ Client can review the work done on our demo servers.

    ✓ The weekly reports gives an overall idea about the modules completed and remaining module to left for programming execution. The weekly report helps to track the project timeline.

Quality Assurance Check

    ✓ Once the code is written well-versed, our Quality Assurance Check Team will check the complete project and functionality through different ways of Testing like Unit Testing, Module Testing, Regression Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, and Security Testing.

    ✓ Our QA checks the full project with major browsers, different resolution, multiple window size, and different zoom levels.

    ✓ Internet Explorer 8+, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera/li>

    ✓ Once the application is fully tested, we update the Client to test the complete application for the approval process from the Client.

    ✓ The client can test the website on our demo servers. If there are any changes or addition in the application we will immediately resolve it as per Client suggestion.

Launching & Deployment

    ✓ Once the project is complete after following every step of the process and receives approval from the Client, we launch and deploy the website on the Client server.

    ✓ Our skilled programmers will check the working of the website on the Client-server and if there are any issues, they will immediately solve it.

    ✓ Our team provides complete support, ensuring the launch is a smooth one.


    ✓ Client can contact us at any point in time and we will be happy to assist you.

    ✓ We have a dedicated support team who will work on the project as per the Client’s suggestion until our Client is satisfied.